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James Wyatt

Here is a success story about a young man from Baltimore, MD.  This is a testimony of how aviation can have such a strong impact on teenager’s thoughts, feelings, dreams, and more importantly their future.

James grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout James’ childhood he attended several different schools, lived in different areas of the city, had different friends, his parents were divorced and life just was not very stable.  James’ parents worked many hours a week to survive on their own. Many of these times, he was in childcare until late in the evening.  In middle school, James’ problems really started.  James did not grow up in that part of the city, so he was an outsider.  He had to earn his place in school.  Fight after fight it took to earn some respect and that was only the beginning.  James was suspended time and time again in middle school.  Outside of school he had the pressures of most inner city teens, stealing, fighting, gangs, drugs, cursing, guns, etc.  James was never prone to using drugs or guns, but was involved with a number of things that were illegal.  After running the streets day and night, his activities started to catch up with him.  Being taken home by the police a couple of times a month was not in the plan.  James had some time to think about the direction of his life.  However, being 14 years old his maturity level was not high enough to make a sound decision. So the Judges of the Juvenile court system made the decision for him. They ordered James to move out of the city and reside with his Mother where the environment and schools were not as violent.

During High school, his fighting days did not end, nor did the amount of trouble he got into.  It seems like he went looking for ways to get into trouble.  After many more suspensions, James had a child in 11th grade, dropped out and started working full time.  Having no direction, he had a run in with the law once again, but this time he was an adult.  James had a very important decision to make. After long conversations with his Parents, attorneys, and family, James made a tremendous sacrifice to leave his son to better himself and enlisted in the U.S. Marines.  As a child he remembered seeing helicopters flying around and planes over the skies of Baltimore, so he chose aviation to pursue.  After intense training, he became a helicopter Crew Chief, Gunner, & Mechanic. After serving his tour of duty, James had even bigger dreams.  He attended several other trade schools, furthering his knowledge in aviation, electrical, machining, etc.  He went on the work as a Quality Assurance Representative on the V-22 Osprey in Flight-test at Patuxent River, Maryland.  He was promoted to a supervisor at the flight test facility.  James still felt something missing.  He used to fly in the Military but was now in stuck in a hangar not even touching the aircraft.  So James sold everything he had to go back to school, this time to be a Helicopter Pilot. 

James gained his Licenses and is now working at Air Logistics.  He transports people and parts to and from the Gulf of Mexico as a VFR Captain.  James attained his FAA Airframes and Power plant Mechanics license, FAA Commercial Pilot, Instrument Pilot, and Instructor Pilot ratings.

“Throughout life I have had more struggles than I care to disclose, but through it all, aviation has been the driving force of determination, motivation, and passion in my life.  It has given me something to love second to my wife.  My dream is to reach out to troubled teens and children who have not had the luxury of direction in their lives.  If I can help even one person have that kind of guidance, it will be worth every effort.” 
James Wyatt~






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