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Susan Lanning

As a mother, one of the most heart-breaking parts of having a child with ADD and emotional problems is that we see things from a long way off.  From the age of three, our son had very different traits than our other three children, and it soon it became apparent that we didn’t have the tools needed to help the child that God has entrusted us with.

As puberty approaches you see problems escalate.  You soon realize that this child needs more help than a family alone can provide. So the decision was made to get help and the heart break began. The subsequent peace in the home caused feelings of guilt, as you quickly realize that you are missing everything in your child’s daily life, often just the little things like his big feet hanging out from under the covers of his bed.

But, soon you recognize when you visit him, that he is happier in the environment that Advent Home can provide - these children require structure, and he has thrived in that environment. You see the pain you know all too well in the faces of other families. My hope and prayer, as a mother, is for my son to have the normal things such as a job, a family, faith, hope, and love in his life.  Thank you for your help in providing families with kids like ours the ability to hear, maybe for the first time, “I love you Mom”.

Susan Lanning
Mother of Stephen Lanning, Advent Home, Calhoun, TN




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