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Alice Rush

Alice Rush grew up the youngest of four children with an unpredictable alcoholic father.  After graduating high school, she briefly ran away from home to escape her father, and she experimented with drugs during that time.  With the help of her closest sister she walked away from what could have been a tragic path, began responsible work as a bank teller, and started college.  Twenty years later, as an assistant bank manager, she felt something was lacking.  After being one of the first on the scene of a horrific traffic accident in which a teen girl suffered devastating head injuries and almost died, Alice decided there had to be more to life and left banking to pursue new shores.

First a bookkeeper, then an aspiring writer, and now a licensed helicopter pilot who is working on her fixed wing license and instrument rating, Alice is preparing for record setting helicopter travel in the future.  In addition to visiting with prisoners soon to be released, she is actively involved with Advanced Helicopter Youth Foundation and doing what she can to help young adults make worthy pursuits and stay out of trouble.

Alice Rush




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